Home is where the heart is. After leaving the north about a decade ago with my first child, i travelled to Vancouver, unceded Squamish, Musquem, and Tseil-Watuth lands. Got some education: Chemical addictions worker, Health Care Assistant, and Massage/Body work. I found the sacredness in our fires, and focused on my healing. I returned home to the North about 4 years ago, went to Haida Gwaii, then Prince Rupert. The journey should always be to go home. This picture is of my oldest child Kwiadda on Lelu, holding the council of the Haida Nation flag.


I spent some good times in Haida Gwaii, strengthening my relations with my loved ones, and earning for healing for our nation. My children loved being on the island, and I am glad now that I can have my kids in my arms, and dont need to have them away from me for their safety because of my involvement for Lelu.


Never be Idle, a gathering of amazing Haida’s in the village of Old Massett when i lived there. This was taken at Sherris Gas Bar.


Idle NO MORE Masset, Haida Gwaii. I remember walking uptown, in the snow, with a couple signs we made form cardboard, thinking nobody was going to show up. Then thinking, Gee, people must think im a bit different, calling for a on Island Idle No More. I had just moved home, and when i seen all the idle no mores happening everywhere, i couldn’t help it. It was absolutely beautiful. A speach given by our Vice President of the Council of the Haida Nation, Trevor Russ.

Haida’s are always ready… this is who I am, and where i come from.

Here is a documentary done by Tamo Campo to try and help us defend the coast… the defense was initiated by myself with Mary Danes, Leona Peterson, and Christine Martin. It has been a journey to call on the Chiefs to be accountable and responsible to our lands, waters and future generations.

The greatest opportunity we will have is to create empowerment, to heal, and to share the journey with eachother, for it is sacred. If you are interested in learning how you can help please click on Get involved or any donations are welcome here:  donate now.  Getting involved includes helping with the short term goals and the long term goals we have for a healthy coast.

Howa’a, Toyiksikniin/Toyiksiknuun —- thank you for sharing the journey.


Kwiadda has made it to art camp… a huge Howa’a to everyone who made it possible. We did it, and i hope she is having the time of her life! Will pick her up next week and she will be home!

Please be sure to stay tuned to the journey of coming through the darkness by reading my latest blogs about the lil fire woman who fell in love with the moon.